Shipping to and from a trade show is a special kind of hell reserved only for those people who enjoy getting to a level of stress that makes hearts explode.

If your shipment is not going to the advanced warehouse but to the show floor and they do not arrive on time, you are are is a manner of speaking screwed. With either additional drayage charges, detention fees or potentially missing the tradeshow all together. We will not get into trying to bring your tradeshow booth and material in yourself since that is perfect for smaller exhibitors.

With over a decade of tradeshow shipping and exhibition freight services, we can ensure you will get your shipment delivered on time for your setup.

tradeshow shippingShipTMS allows instant pricing with show certified shipping companies by selecting Exhibitions / Expos under the Accessorial drop down. ►

Need help with outbound shipments? Maybe the show decorator is forcing the floor? We have heard it all and have years of experience rescuing shipments and making shipping for your tradeshow the last thing you need to worry about.

Stop worrying about your tradeshow shipping. We will take care of everything for you. Contact us for more information.